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Circulating tree

  • What makes plants different? Plants have three mandatory characteristics. Of course they have more, but without them they are not plants. The first is that the energy they need to feed themselves is produced almost by itself: in all parts that have leaves, branches, stems -- green do photosynthesis, that is, they produce food with the energy of light. The plant, the real plant is the one we don't see, the underground, and the one that rises above the Earth's surface are solar panels to harness solar energy, leaves and seeds of reproduction. Instead of green there are plants of other colors: red, yellow, orange, etc. In green the chlorophyll channel this work and the corresponding pigment in other colors: anthocyanin (red or blue), carotene (orange), xanthophyll (yellow)…

11 September 2023 - 05:00
Ekuadorren bada mugitu egiten den palmondo bat, Socratea Exorrhiza.

The second most remarkable characteristic of plants is the obligation to grow while they live. Life can be short, a few days, or long, thousands of years, will increase throughout life. Growth involves creating new pipes that drive sweat up and down, necessary to address life. He dies when he stops growing. It's also an area with animals. Less bad than our growth has a limit…

The third indicator is not moving. Plants don't move. Today this proverb is questioned, it is said that moving is not just going from one place to another, and plants, of course, make many other moves: rolling, folding the leaves from one side to the other, etc. Not moving from one place to another has its drawbacks: when it is thirsty, when it is hot, when it is frozen, when it is hungry, when the sun smokes, when the fire comes... what happens is that you have to be there, the stomach, the tape. We animals have no resemblance to this servility. The need to endure and endure everything that comes to him and take him as best as possible has made plants wise. The fact that we've lived millions more years in our environment has also done so faster. First of all, the underground plant, truly developed and adapted to meet your needs, is usually said that what we see is at least five times larger, but it can be up to a hundred times larger. And they've created, curated, refined, tuned and sharpened so many tricks to make a whole book: from generation to generation, it's a real, ongoing improvement. Today, the millions of plants around you are also doing so.

There is one who lives in a place, who does not give up being. You can't stand still! If a palm tree moves in Ecuador, the Socratea exorrhizes. It's called a walking palm tree. The root lifts on the ground in the trunk, as the name exorrhiza says. These roots are long legs that provide support points to the plant. To grow there or here, looking for food, light and whatever you want. Like us.

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