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Bombing and ammunition throughout the week in the Bardenas shooting range

  • In the Bardenas there will be aircraft from many countries carrying out military war exercises. They will use real bombs and ammunition for this purpose. These tasks will be carried out throughout the week and the Anti-Polygon Assembly has doubts as to whether they will ensure safety. "Sacrifice tests will be carried out in a Natural Park and in a place that is also a Biosphere Reserve," they note.

19 March 2024 - 10:04

The Anti-Polygon Assembly maintains in a note the request to remove the Bardenas shooting range: "Throughout the week they will conduct military practices to prepare before going to war zones through planes from several countries," they report. Actual ammunition and bombs will be launched from today until Friday. "The shooting range should have been dismantled long ago. What is being done at the center of the Natural Park and at the site of the Biosphere Reserve is total destruction," they warn. Asanblea Bardea has shown concern for people living in neighbouring villages: "We do not even know if security is guaranteed", they have included it in their writing.

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They call for the bardene shooting polygon to be dismantled for 34 years with a march
Convened by the Anti-Polygon Assembly, about 300 people have been launched on Sunday. The request to remove the field of shooting practice was the main incentive, but they wanted to accommodate two other issues in their protest. On the one hand, they have shown their solidarity... [+]

Bardenas performs military maneuvers with real bombs
Bardeak has already denounced that on Thursday night "two major explosions" were heard in Tudela and in several locations in Zaragoza. The Spanish Navy is using real ammunition for military exercises. "Visitors are being alerted to the use of laser weapons these days," they... [+]

Bombardment practices in Bardea for 15 days
They have used real weapons and until Friday the Spanish army will throw bombs at the site.

Espainiako Armadak lau eguneko bonbardaketa hasi du Bardean

Espainiako Defentsa Ministerioak ez du argitu benetako sua erabiltzen ari diren ala ez. Aurreko astean erabili zuten, herritarrak abisatu gabe.

Eguneraketa berriak daude