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Report that climate meeting is a "green business" in protests against the World Bank

  • The World Bank, which will start on Tuesday and end on Thursday, announced Wednesday against the Innovate4climate climate meeting held at Barakaldo BEC. On Thursday, a conference will be held in the Bilborock Hall at 19:00, by Eco-feminist militant Yayo Herrero.
Argazkia: Friday For Future Bilbao.

25 May 2023 - 11:18
Last updated: 12:21

The Letter of Social Rights of the Basque Country, EH Capitalari, Planta and Saltos Ecosociales, among others, have called the manfiestation. Environmental, social and trade union agents of the Basque Country depart from the Elliptical Plaza of Bilbao.

They denounce that the climate meeting is part of the energy lobbies strategy and aims to create a "green business niche".

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