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Another woman complains that she was injured in the loads of the Ertzaintza in San Sebastián

  • In addition to the woman hit with a foam shell on her head, a second person was injured in San Sebastian on Tuesday in the battles of the Ertzainas against Real fans. The Ertzaintza reports that she is also investigating this case.
Linas Korta

08 March 2024 - 08:42
Last updated: 10:01

A woman complains to the San Sebastian Municipal Guard for an impact on her back last Tuesday. In this case, these are minor injuries, but the Ertzaintza reports that it has initiated an investigation to clarify what happened.

This person was injured in the burdens of the Ertzainas against the fans in the area of Anoeta de Donostia, before the football match between the Real Sociedad and Paris Saint Germain. The Ertzaintza acknowledges that the wounded person was not "participating in public disorder initiated by an organized group of Basque radical followers".

In addition, another 44-year-old woman is still in the ICU severely, after a foam thrower hits the head and causes a blood spill. News from Gipuzkoa publishes the testimony of a young man who accompanied this person.

The witness explained that "everything was very quiet, nothing was happening at that time." But one day they saw a lot of Ertzaines and they say they started charging, "Hallucinating, what's going on? There's nobody and ..." They say they saw her out of the air and when they saw her on the ground they went to help.

The Ertzaintza acknowledges that the wounded person was not "participating in public disorder initiated by an organized group of Basque radical followers"

He says there were long lines full of young people to enter the Reale Arena stadium, but "they were shooting like crazy, we didn't see anyone creating incidents."

For its part, the Ertzaintza has announced that it is "working" to identify and bring to justice people who "collected evidence and caused public disorder, caused material damage to urban furniture and caused injuries to 8 Ertzaintza agents".

"The Ertzaintza is out of control."

Recent police battles against citizens have brought with them a political rope. Arnaldo Otegi, general coordinator of EH Bildu, pointed out that in the face of what happened in Tolosa, Gasteiz and Donostia la Ertzaintza is "out of control": "Someone wants to raise the tension and is not a sovereign left," he said.

Arnaldo Otegi: "Say [Erkoreka] what groups there are, because if there are infiltrated policemen -- and there are, because we've seen them in the pictures -- and if they're at the center of those who cause those incidents, they'll know what they are."

In this regard, he has denounced the existence of a "strategy" against EH Bildu and Otegi Erkoreka has contextualized the statements made this week by the Basque Government Security Advisor. Erkoreka suggested that behind these events there are "organized groups" and "political acronyms".

"Let me tell you what groups are there, because if there are infiltrated policemen – and there are, because we have seen them in the photos – and if they are at the heart of those who cause those incidents, they will know who they are," said EH Bildu.

On the other hand, the candidate for the presidency of the PNV, Imanol Pradales, has requested from Madrid that the "focus" be not on the Ertzaintza, but on those who "socially shake the streets".



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