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Official communication to the Ikastola de Beskoitz of the order of land transfer for 6 July

  • The parents of the ikastola have protested in the act of farewell, as the boys and girls of the ikastola still do not leave for the next course.

15 January 2024 - 10:59
Hainbat izan dira azken hilabeteotan Beskoitzeko Ikastolaren alde eta Herriko Etxeak harturiko erabakiaren aurka eginiko protestak.

The procedure for the expulsion of the Ikastola de Beskoitz (Lapurdi) has been initiated. In recent days they have received the letter from Mr Fabienne Aiensa, in which he officially informs them of the decision taken on 18 December, in which they will have to vacate the place by 6 July. The document was obtained by the presidents of the Ikastola, Seaska and the Association Residencia.

The parents of the ikastola have chosen the act performed by Aiensa auzapeza in the public emergency school to protest and denounce the decision of the city council.

About 40 parents and dozens of children from the ikastola have gathered outside the event, showing the posters with their written requests. They denounce that they are still not going for next year.

In the face of the disaster he suffered, Berria has shown his willingness to speak with the parents of the ikastola. His father, Julen Jauregi, has explained that it is the “first step” of the village house since one year they are threatened by losing the ikastola building: “This meeting should serve to move from words to deeds.” He adds that the meeting will have to be “as soon as possible”.

Construction project of a new building

The Ikastola de Beskoitz was launched in 2014 in a prefabricated building on rented grounds to the village house. For the last three years, he began to speak with the village house to obtain the license, but he rejected all the petitions, eliminating the prefabricated ones and making it impossible to build a new building. Seaska agents have requested to take advantage of vacant rooms in the village, eat in the town hall, park in public parking or rent the land of a private owner. Everything has been rejected by the village house.

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