Chronicle of the political week
A hug to support the hairstyles
Gorka Peñagarikano Goikoetxea 2024ko otsailaren 12a

As in the major cycling championships, the fugitives have decided to keep their forces and stop going in full attack before the camera. You've seen the roadside sign, the number of kilometers that are missing to reach the goal, how many days for the election -- quite diffuse, Urkullu hasn't determined the date. They see it a long way and they get into the platoon. Forces are given for relay in the front line. But they're going to run out because there are no more candidates for relay. No one is able to join the competition between the PNV and EH Bildu. The PSE-EE wants to get to it, but it comes a little tired because since the fall it is pedalling and giving and can't find comfortable place. A little later, the PP, playing its own competition. Instead of running, it's on the Vuelta a España. And, even further back and slightly discarded, several cyclists who were part of the team and already have different maillots. The distribution of the last bottles of water, isotonic, edible and bananas is discussed. Comments from the couch: “The cake to be distributed is too small for so many restaurants” and “will come very well for everyone”.

Last week we saw the two areas that are going to relay at the top of the platoon coming down from the bicycle. People are fired at the amphitheater. They say they are professionals, they know how to compete honestly and therefore they also know how to lose. They have shown respect and respect for competition. And they're not two extremes, not so pointed, but able to work together. This is particularly true of one, but they demonstrated it last week; in the Basque Parliament, two contestants who are in the win or win have given a hug. But the hug has also represented an agreement to counter the speed of competition. There are long weeks to go before the elections, and in that march all the forces, yours and everyone’s, would be exhausted to reach the top.

Seeing Mikel Otero and Arantxa Tapia grabbing their arm and giving two kisses, smiling, has been a pretty significant picture after spending the last four years. Sectoral Territorial Plan – still incomplete, porcine –, Tapia Law, chapters one thousand eight of the Zubieta incinerator, landfill of Zaldibar... However, as already announced, at the time of the vote an agreement has also been reached in the Climate Change Act PNV, PSE-EE and EH Bildu. But, as usual, Otero made nuances: “Without our amendment the law was bad, now it is not the best, but we have improved it.”

(ethics) and aesthetic

In just three square meters, nationalists, sovereigns and socialists. A suit without a tie -- this was in the name of climate change, right? -- cut by the nationalist parliamentarian, and a plain and elegant shirt by the sovereigns, to dress neatly in a casual meal. The plane of the parliamentary photographer shows its elegance.

The precampaign is also dancing between elegance and modernity. EH Bildu has performed an act of motivation at the Tabakalera de Donostia. Seats in a circle, almost dark in late-night shape, with low-tone, powerful purple lights marking the area and putting all the spotlights to the center to illuminate the important person who is going to stand well. This is what Pello Otxandiano presented, putting his white shirt inside, and with black pasta glasses that he has not withdrawn since his presentation to the presidency. In Donostia, where most of the presentations of books in Euskera are made, usually in the classical space of the old town house.

EH Bildu

The new times of aesthetics go through politics as well, and EH Bildu spoke in this act of developing his own aesthetic. The series by Cristobal Balenciaga, carried out by the Morians, came to them as a contemporary cultural reference, actress and Basque. They took advantage of a passage from this series to bring it to Basque politics: “To distinguish that our policy, the most blind, is ours.” Objective. Open a deep debate on the future, in the words of the sovereigns, our model of policy. That was what Otxandiano was talking about. He says he has “mission.”

Taking out a book is the way you ask your hand to stand up and stop. In-depth discussions should necessarily be paused. And of course, the long carnival weekend also requires a pause to dress up, leave with friends, etc. We've seen Freddie Mercury disguised as the PNV candidate, Imanol Pradales, with his friends, at the Portugalete parties. “The Carnival has taken advantage of them to liberate them,” Deia called with his big photo. Pradales himself uploaded the photos to his social media, and it's not so common, and he's generated some surprise by seeing a PNV candidate dressed in a rocker pacifier. But Pradales, so far so unknown, is showing that it belongs to another form and aesthetic of acting. Visualize it in the video you still have on your networks. “Call me Imanol.” Jímenez Losantos also appeared in the video saying anything other than “Pradales”, trying to pronounce the surname.

Imanol Pradales, photograph taken from your Twitter account.

New times, new strength according to the PNV. “The force for change,” Ortuzar claimed in the opinion article published in the News group. The PNV has endorsed the term of change because of many changes in the candidatures. They're all changing at least. At least apparently.

[Every Monday, and until the elections of the Gasteiz Parliament pass, ARGIA will publish the chronicles of the political week]