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Resumed emptying procedure of Gaztetxe Kiñu de Igorre

  • The building, owned by Sabadell, began three years ago with threats of expulsion. Space faded almost ten years ago.
Argazkia: Aitzol Zamalloa
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01 June 2023 - 08:15

The members of the Gaztetxe Kiñu de Igorre (Bizkaia) reported on Tuesday that eviction remains in jeopardy: the process of emptying space appears to have been reactivated. The building, owned by the Sabadell Bank, began about three years ago with expulsion threats. There was a judgment on this, but the representatives of Sabadell did not come to the trial. However, the courts have given the bank a "second chance" and have stopped initiating the Gaztetxe eviction procedure. It is therefore about to see the conclusions of this new procedure.

The members of Gaztetxe think they want to expel from the building because "beyond the economic value of the building, the independent organization of young people and the development of an alternative culture outside the logic of the market work". It's been almost ten years since space was restored.

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