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A Netanyahu minister resigns for his discrepancies with the war on Gaza

  • Fat Minister Benny argues that Netanyahu "hinders real victory," among the reasons he leaves the war cabinet. The Netanyahu government continues to have sufficient backing to remain in force, but has lost the most “central” party.

11 June 2024 - 07:17
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National Union President Benny Gang has left the war cabinet and the emergency government, denouncing that Netanyahu has no post-war plan. After giving an ultimatum to the Prime Minister to clarify what Gaza's strategy was, he decided to leave government after receiving no response. He has presented himself as a “centrist” politician in Israel, and now Netanyahu has only the protection of the right end.

The removal of fat will not imminently jeopardise the Netanyahu government, because the coalition still has an absolute majority in Knesset, in the Israeli parliament, has 64 seats since 120. However, Netanyahu will be even more dependent on extreme right-wing allies demanding full occupation of Gaza. The fat party is “centrist” in Israeli politics, according to various experts, and has served Netanyahu as diplomacy to increase his protection both in Israel and abroad. Netanyahu is now expected to be more pressured by ultra-conservatives when there is no end to the genocide in Gaza and there is a risk of intensifying the fighting with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Benny Gang, at the resignation press conference, said he participated "proudly" in the emergency government cabinet after October 7, but after eight months of fighting "we have to look forward". Yoav Gallant has called on the Minister of Defense to “be brave and do whatever.” He denounces that Netanyahu is failing in the war against Hamas and that “it is hampering access to true victory.” He asks the Prime Minister to convene elections.

Netanyahu criticizes Ganga by saying that it is not time to “leave the boat, but to join forces”. Israel’s Minister of Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, has applied for Gang’s seat in the war cabinet. The ultra-nationalist party The Jewish Power, led by Ben-Gvir, has six seats in parliament and proposes to kill or expel all Palestinians. The Finance Minister, like the Smotrich, accuses Gaza of having done what Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran want.

Benny Centrist Fat?

This is how Gang has appeared in Israel and can be Netanyahu’s main rival in his presidential votes. Many have questioned the moderation of the Chambers or what the very concept of moderation in Israel means. In the 2019 parliamentary voting campaign, for example, Benny Gang posted a black and white video on the destruction of Gaza with words that proposed “sending the Palestinians back to the stone era.”

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