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Two local Beasain police officers are injured after firing at the police station with a firearm

  • The Basque Government’s Department of Security has pointed out that the shooting was “unexpected”. One had a knee wound and the other one had a hand wound.

09 April 2024 - 07:34
Beasaingo Udaltzaingoa. /Argazkia: Beasaingo Udala

On Sunday, at 13:00 a.m., at the Beasain Municipal Police Station, two Municipal Police officers were wounded by a firearm. The City of Beasain clarifies that there has been a “work accident”. The Basque Government’s Department of Security has pointed out that the shooting has been “unexpected”. The Ertzaintza begins an investigation to analyze what happened.

Goierriko Hitza points out that a municipal agent has needed a knee intervention and is now in a hospital in Bizkaia, but both are out of danger.

Local cops with gun

To regulate the resources of the local police, in March the Lakua government established the need for “basic equipment”, including firearms, and the accident has occurred recently with the passing of the law. “Decree regulating armaments and other technical means and defence and endowment of the Local Police of the Basque Country”. This decree establishes the “basic equipment” to be carried by agents, such as a brief firearm, ammunition, whale vest, shackles and tassel.

The new regulation had two deadlines for its implementation. The Decree entered into force in March and a year later, so that all local entities can “provide weapons, ammunition, technical and defence means” and the second five-year period in municipalities with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants.

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