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The Bagira process begins the strategic reflection of the Abertzale movement to the Aberri Eguna of 2024.

  • The Iparralde Abertzale movement met in Itsasun on 9 April, 60. To celebrate the Aberri Eguna, the Bagira process announced the opening of a “new phase”. They call to participate and meet reading the document Izan gara, bagira, izango da.
"Ibilbide eta sentsibilitate desberdinetako" 60 abertzalek babestu zuten "Izan ginen, bagira, izanen gira" dokumentua. Argazkia: Bagira.

11 April 2023 - 12:04

60 years after the beginning of the Abertzale movement of Lapurdi, Nafarroa Beherea and Zuberoa, on 9 April 1,500 people met with the altar Itsasun, Euskal Herria of Biharko. They organized a two-day programme to bring together a “broad movement”.

Following the demonstration, Mikel Iribarren spoke at the Memorial Stone in Itsasun in 1963, and called Iparralde nationalists to action and unification. He announced a “new phase” of the Bagira process, which will extend to the 2024 Aberri Eguna. The objective is to make a diagnosis of the Abertzale movement, asking citizens what they think about issues such as Euskera, housing, national construction, solidarity with migrants, feminism...

Gexan Alfaro, Grazi Etxebehere, Irantzu Idoate and Thibaut Godin read the document “Izan, bagira, tour by 60 nationalists of “different paths and sensibilities” and stressed “the ability to build” of the nationalists: “We were born to build, not to make mere resistance”. They faced the “crackdown on food” and recalled what has been done in favor of the freedom of Euskal Herria: the birth of the ikastolas, the defense of farmland, the Basque Country and the space for Basque culture, the Abertzale syndicalism, the birth of the media, electoral advancement… They affirmed that the ideas of the nationalists have never had an opening moment.

They emphasized that thanks to these advances in this “broad and diverse ecosystem”, the Abertzale movement, today they have “perfect” conditions for thinking and acting together. They confirmed that it's time to decide what the movement wants in the coming years. “In the midst of an unstable world ravaged by multiple crises, the Basque Country must take its place.”

Ready to build

In addition to praising the achievements, they recalled the obstacles that had occurred. “We have also known the Calapites and the divisions between us. Let us acknowledge that we have not always been right.” However, they have recalled that Ipar Euskal Herria is building and organizing, among other things because he has an institution for the first time since the French Revolution, but it is not enough. In this sense, they demanded the full sovereignty of Euskal Herria to build a just, supportive, sustainable, feminist and Basque society.

They are ratified in the election to continue fighting “until creating the institution that the people need”. To do so, nationalists call for fusion and claim that they are ready to build: “Our will is faster than difficulties, it is not tired of trying to cooperate.” The survey for the diagnosis of the Abertzale movement has already begun.

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