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General feminist strike on 30 November

  • The Euskal Herria Feminist Movement has announced a general strike to fight for the collective right to custody. At the Center for Common Lives, in 2022, a process began to revolutionize the surveillance system and the strike will be a milestone on this road.
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21 June 2023 - 08:08

On March 8, the Feminist Movement of the Basque Country announced that in the fall they would call for a general feminist strike to assert the right to collective custody. The strike date is now announced on Thursday, 30 November.

The need for the strike was deduced from the process of Lives of All in Center, and explain that this decision was made at the conference on the characterization of the care system held in Vitoria in 2022, “a turning point”: “Because changing the surveillance system is changing everything”.

The Euskal Herria Feminist Movement has made it clear that “everyone’s responsibility” is to fight for the collective right to care, and they have called to go out into the streets in favor of a public and community care system. A multitude of tracks will be launched: “Against privatization and commodification, in defense of the rights of women who live in unacceptable conditions in care tasks and in the feminized sectors, to demand responsibility and responsibility from those who maintain the current system…”.

They stress that they have been launched for 30 November and are being organized in the assemblies of towns and neighbourhoods. Invites all Basque citizens to meet: “This is a struggle for a dignified life, a right to be cared for throughout life and to remain with the same commitment.”

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