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Collection of signatures for the installation of chemical toilets at the parties of the neighborhood

  • The different parties commissions of Vitoria-Gasteiz ask for the toilets to "keep the neighborhoods clean"
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24 May 2023 - 07:46

The Festival Commissions of Sansomendi, Adurtza, Judimendi, Arana, Ariznabarra, Txagorritxu, Salburua, Zaramaga and San Cristobal have been asking the City Hall of Vitoria-Gasteiz for months to install chemical baths in the festivities of the neighborhood. Last Friday, the accessions collected in the collection of signatures to be taken into account by the City Hall were delivered to the Civic Center of Judimendi.

At a rally on 24 March, it was reported that the City Hall leaves them “in the sight of the ass” and was asked to pay for the installation of toilets. The same request was made in the plenary of the City Hall on 17 March.

The different Festival Commissions have claimed the right to a place "adapted, clean and close" to meet the physiological needs, explaining that its objective is to care for the neighbors and neighbors. They have therefore demanded that the City Hall take over this service.

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