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Prosecuted, continues to serve as Minister of Justice of France by Dupond-Moret

  • The case against the French Minister of Justice opens in Paris on Monday with the accusation of “opposition of interest”. The trial should last for two weeks.
Frantziako Justizia ministroa, auzitegian. Argazkia: AFP

09 November 2023 - 12:46

This has never happened in the French Government: to judge a minister during the office. The Minister of Justice. On Monday, the Court of Justice of the Republic opened a trial against Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti.

As to the discrepancies with several magistrates opposed to cases of corruption, he is accused of having exercised the office of Minister of Justice against them. Specifically, that in September 2020, under the status of minister, the disciplinary dossier had begun against three prosecutors, who had "spies" or "crazy" a few weeks earlier. These magistrates come from the trial of former President Nicolas Sarkozy, known as the Bismuth case.

In addition, they investigate a second case related to investigating judge Edouard Levrault. In 2019, his responsibility was not renewed and that is the decision of the judgment. This Examining Judge investigated a number of political cases and, in a case of corruption, charged influential characters: Russian billionaire Dmitri Rybolovly, president of the football club "AS Monaco", Christophe Haget, head of the judicial police in the Principality of Monaco, and Philippe Narmino, equivalent to the Minister of Justice of Monaco.

After eighteen months of inquiry, the trial begun on 6 November should last two weeks.

From 6 July 2020, Dupond-Moretti has been the French Minister of Justice, until then known lawyer in the criminal court.

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