The asphalt patio becomes a meadow filled with trees and plants in Estella's school
  • The 350 square meters of asphalt that constituted the patio and entrance to school have become green areas in the Remontival Public School of Early Childhood and Primary Education in Estella. Planted trees, shrubs and plants are aimed at improving heat and cold management, promoting biodiversity and being a playful and educational resource.
Mikel Garcia Idiakez @mikelgi 2024ko otsailaren 27a
Argazkia: Remontival

The sun heated the asphalt completely and when it was cold there was no protection in the patio. The patio now has a natural solution for cooling and protecting itself from the intense cold, replacing asphalt by land and planting 40 indigenous trees (oak, oak, oak, chopo, maple, walnut, basaca and tilo), 40 shrubs (woodland, laurel, abelin and photinia) and 80 aromatic plants and flowering plants (crujía, cifix and pileta). It is a field with different reliefs with three sitting benches and irrigation system for sustainable drainage.

Students have participated in the planting phase. Not for nothing, the center also wants the patio to be an educational objective and complementary to any subject. The patio, based on climate adaptation, also aims to promote psychomotor behaviour through play.

Aware of the importance of green areas, more and more schools are introducing nature into the outer spaces of the centre, and this is a clear example. The new patio has been opened by the students of the school Ametz García and Nora Solano, accompanied by municipal representatives.