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Aroa Arrizubieta wins second card for semifinals

  • The second quarter of the final of the 2024 Bertsolaris Álava Championship has been played in a festive atmosphere. After completing all the works, Aroa Arrizubieta has been the bertsolari that has accumulated the most points, so it will live to Dulantzi's semifinal.
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05 February 2024 - 06:49
Last updated: 09:15

The 2024 Alavés Bertsolaris Championship arrives, which this year marks its 16th edition and is forty years since the first Alavés Championship. Following the route we represent in recent editions, today begins the first phase of the championship with 18 bertsolaris, quarterfinals. The second test has been played in Oyón.

Six bertsolaris in play:

Maddi Agirre Epelde (Vitoria)

Xabi Igoa Eriz (Aramaio)

Ricardo González de Durana Alzola (Oreitia)

Aroa Arrizubieta Barredo (Vitoria)

Orlando Arreitunandia Arinas (Urretxu-Bastida)

Manex Agirre Arriolabengoa (Aramaio)

In this first phase, 13 commendable verses have been sung. After all the exercises, Aroa Arrizubieta obtained the highest score, 261.5 points. The semi-finals shall be constituted in the order of the three-quarter finals. The scores were as follows:

Aroa Arrizubieta: 261.5 points

Xabi Igoa: 259.5 points

Manex Agirre: 259.5 points

Maddi Agirre: 241.5 points

Ricardo González de Durana: 234.5 points

Orlando Arreitunandia: 226 points

Eli Plazaola has been the host of the group of thirteen people. The first stage jury, quarter-finals, consists of: Ekaitz Elorriaga Anduaga, Aitor Jimenez Tolosana and Egoitz Iradier Martinez de Albeniz. Endika Jimenez Enbeita as secretary.

Here are some pictures of Oyón

The next session will be on February 11 at Llodio, Casino, at 17:30.


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Aroa Arrizubieta Champion
On the edge of the hat Manex Agirre

The final of the Bertsolaris Championship will take place on Saturday
The Main Theatre in Vitoria will host the final of the Bertsolaris Championship in Álava at 17:30. It will not be the first time in the end.

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