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After Arabartu what?

  • The mortuary plummets deep under the three-point sign of the chapel at the edge of the Colegio San François de Maule, which translates to San Francés. Death (Nerium oleander) is also called “erode” and “fall”.

18 June 2023 - 22:24
Argazkia: Havang(nl) / Wikimedia commons

The death penalty is poisonous, its name says it perfectly, just in case. Oleander's name says they have olive leaves (Olea europaea) that have taken their water and killed people in both. Dioscorides wrote that he was able to kill dogs, donkeys, mules and the remaining four legs; 20 grams of leaves to kill a mare or cow, 5 grams of sheep and, on two legs, either of us, about 20 leaves. Its ingredients are aggressive with the heart and… At the door of Otoizgunea, the mortuary, fascinated in the summer, is an elegant symbol.

You will also see it often in gardens and floral parks. There is always a mess: a father who has known that he is poisonous writes to the newspaper one of those terrible letters for playing around him, and the head of the city directs the gardeners to take them out of their ass… It is a proverb that the most fascinating varieties of genetic selection used in parks do not have as much venom as the wild ones. He likes canyons and the coast, at least he wants to see the water, but he needs very little water to live.

The poison of plants kills us and the droughts that we have caused the plants. It rains less and less and our agricultural and land work will change radically. The other day with Markel de Aramaio, I told him that, unlike what was long ago, this year the orchard had to be watered on our coastline. Di-da responded with his pioblero instinct: they are burning. And indeed, the Atlantic Basque Country will become Álava in that sense. Orchards must be watered. We must go south of Álava and Navarra to learn these techniques never used and adapt them to the northern lands.

Our grandmother Joxepa used to water the Antuxua system, a flood of water to the new plant and the second and final of tomorrow. They were sticking and sticking to the water. Then there was no water at home and it had to be brought in by a more eggplant. The water was gold. Today we have water at home and flexible tube everywhere, even automatic irrigation systems… But where does that water come from? Then we will have to put dry deaths: the death of our agriculture, of our landscape, ours.

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