In Álava the PNV has won, but in strong competition with EH Bildu
  • The PNV has won in Álava in the foreign elections with a few votes more than EH Bildu, and as for the seats, the nationalists would only get one more than EH Bildu, in the absence of the final final results. The PP would win a seat and the PSE and Podemos would lose one. On the other hand, Vox first enters the General Meetings of Álava with a seat.
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[[M28 election charts Álava general meetings]]

Despite the decrease in votes, the PNV maintains its position as the first political force in Álava. However, it has had strong competition with EH Bildu. Nationalists have won the elections of the General Councils of Álava with very little difference, and during the election night EH Bildu has been above the votes and the team of Eva López de Arroyabide has been about to make way.

The PNV has received about 10,000 votes less than in 2019 four years later, but yet it has won in Álava with 25.87% of the votes and 15 junters, two less than in 2019.

Meanwhile, EH Bildu has grown significantly, maintaining the trend it has had in recent years in this territory, and in percentage terms it has remained at only one point of the nationalists, with 24.99% of the votes, data representing 97.5%. As for the junters, the independence coalition has won two seats and will have 14 representatives in the General Meetings, only one less than the PNV.

On the contrary, the PSE-EE has lost one seat and stayed with nine junters, far from the first two. The PP would match the results of the socialists in terms of seats. Jon Podemos has also suffered a sharp drop in votes and will lose a seat compared to the 2019 elections.

On the other hand, the far right party Vox would have a representation for the first time in the General Meetings of Álava with a juntero exceeding 3% of the votes.