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Mexican Angeles Cruz receives the honorary prize of the Zinegoak festival

  • Actor, writer and director performs fiction films on political and social issues, based on his Mexican community.

27 June 2023 - 12:34
Last updated: 15:43
Angeles Cruz zinemagilea. Argazkia: Zinegoak.

Angelez Cruz studied at the Miguel Cabrera Artistic Education Center in Oaxaca and graduated from the National Institute of Fine Arts Theatre School. He started working as an actor in 1994, but until 2012 he did not create his first film: Sadness to heal. In the wake of the attack received by someone nearby, he started creating his films because he didn't know how to act and decided to make movies. “I wanted to tell real stories,” and to do so he works on political and social issues. This year Zinegoa received the honorary prize of the 20th edition of the festival.

In the last edition the film Cruz Nudo Mixteco (2012) was screened, which will be filming again this year. The talk will take place on June 29 at 18:30 at the Bilbao Arte Foundation and the entrance will be free. Three women go back to their hometown and match in parties, but they don't feel native. With this story he has talked about child sexual abuse and Lesbian relations in indigenous communities. It's a fictional story, but with a great relationship with your community in Oaxaca.

Being a small community, the grounds are communal and their decisions are taken in an open assembly by members over 18 years of age. Cruz says he works like this, talking to the members of the community, working together. Cruz says that over 80% of community members have participated in their work, and all participating community members are paid.

The filmmaker claims community work and the need for projects like Zinegoak, believing that “water droplets can offer big things.”

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