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Change the script! the initiative calls on the government to ensure a wide range of audiovisual services in Basque

  • Change the script for the Basque! the initiative has brought together 31 actors and criticised the Basque Government's second place to television and radio stations in Basque and Basque at EITB. They ask that it work to ensure that audiovisual content in Basque, in addition to EITB, is on all other media. The initiative announced a mobilisation by 18 May 2024.
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11 September 2023 - 10:15
Last updated: 13:23

Change the script! the initiative took place on 9 September. 31 cultural, cultural, trade union and educational actors have launched. The objective is to articulate a solid mass in favor of policies that put Euskera and culture at the centre of Euskera. In this regard, the mobilisation has been organised for next May in Vitoria-Gasteiz, in front of the Basque Government’s headquarters in Lakua. Collection of signatures on the platform has also begun.

The members of the initiative, for their part, have expressed their intention to meet with the Basque Government and the political parties so that their demands are taken into account in the policies and budgets of 2024.

At the Saturday hearing, the members of the initiative express their concern that the Basque Government does not invest enough in culture in Basque and audiovisual in Basque. They consider that EITB has rejected the founding objective and that the Spanish-language programmes and content have a priority today. Euskera and television and radio stations in Euskera have been left out and receive few resources.

They consider it strategic for the language that Basque television is strong and stress that EITB must guarantee universal access to the Basque language for all citizens. They have claimed an EITB with the Basque language as the main language.

Beyond EITB

Beyond EITB, change the script! the spokesmen for the initiative have made a wider request. They consider it urgent that the Basque Government address the audiovisual situation and the consumption habits of society, update strategies and implement policies for the Basque Country, beyond EITB. They ask public institutions to work to ensure that Basque content is on all media, television, cinema, streaming platforms, etc. They consider Euskera, fiction and dubbing in Euskera inadmissible on the grounds of audience and consumption.

They call for the completion of a comprehensive, dignified, up-to-date and attractive audiovisual offer in Basque.

Concrete requirements are grouped into seven groups:

- Allocate 5% per year in the budgets of the Department of Culture and Linguistic Policy to audiovisual professionals in Basque. EUR 9 per annum per inhabitant.

- That EITB acts for the entire Basque Country.

- Adapt and transfer to the platforms all underwritten dubbing in Basque financed by public funds, as required by state law.

- Design and generalization of the policy of using sub-sections from the perspective of inclusion and linguistic normalization.

- Permanent promotion of films and platforms in Basque.

- A preferential place in EITB to culture in Basque and to Basque creators.

- Establish relationships and work with the associative and business fabric of the gaming industry.

The following picture shows the actors involved in the initiative:


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