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Avocado and xenophobia

  • Will avocado do it right here? In recent years I have been asked this question on countless occasions. In my house I tell you that the Avocado Tree (American Persea) lives very well and on the Mutriku pier there is a magnificent tree that has been giving specimens for many years. To those who go to Asturias I always recommend that you visit the gigantic avocado that is located in the atrium of the Porrua Ethnographic Museum, it is worth spending a while under it quiet, at least for its size and its own size.

04 September 2023 - 06:03

What passion has aroused the avocado in us? To start with, we are innovative, passionate. And we are witnessing a huge marketing campaign for avocado in about thirty years, perfect for health, easy to prepare for eating and especially modern. In the same way, the creation of a new plant in the great bone of that grain that we have eaten is very easy, as I explained every day in the Vital Garden Channel of Telegram, which we just created: “We take the bone inside the avocado, we clean it up, and in half we stick a few sticks. Holding in a bowl with these chopsticks on the edge, water is placed to the middle of the seed. The root appears for 3-4 weeks. Once it has elongated about 10 cm, it will be planted in a pot on the ground, half buried in the air and held moist. Stems and leaves will soon appear. If it stays longer in the water, the plant will be created there. Planting on the ground in early spring.” The existence of a new non-adjacent plant in our orchard produces a descending transverse and a small lip rim laugh. They're also the ones you can't see, they've always been the ones who only admit the usual, and the one who comes from the outside is the outside. There we also have a dose of chauvinist aberration, plant xenophobia.

Well, a territory in which the influence of the sea in the Basque Country is notable is ideal for the cultivation of avocado. In both cases, they have planted avatedies and I take a trace with a promising future. At home we will also have the first copies this year.

In many other regions that work in the same way that the environment does, with this holy climate change, they're dancing the jaws. Avocado needs a lot of water and too high temperature affects the whole grain cycle: it causes stress in the plant, deterioration of the tree, frustration of pollination, drop of fertilized fins, etc. In a few years' time we will have local information and then it will be possible to decide whether avocado is worth it or not. And perhaps, despite the xenophobes, the grapevines will be removed and watchers will be placed; or hoses (Mangifera indica) or papayas (Carica papaya) or…

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