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  • just worked 10 years. He was born in 2014 with the intention of giving voice to those who wanted to transform Navarra in the social and political sphere. In a context of great intensity, UPN ruled and the opposition to the Government of Navarra was mobilized on the streets, when the effects of apartheid and illegal policies were still evident.
Artikulu hau egilearen baimenari esker ekarri dugu.

04 April 2024 - 08:10 Born after several attacks by the Spanish National Audience against the Basque media. Previously there was a website that was closed in 2011 through a police operation against its members. Journalist Pitu remained in prison for a year and a half, but instead of scare those who remained on the street, they responded to the repression with the creation of the Open Doors media. His trajectory was brief, but this new digital media, which AN also closed in 2013, in the police operation against the Herrira network.

From there it emerged, obtaining money with the help of a crowdfunding. From all corners of Euskal Herria, he responded to this latest attack on freedom of expression and society understood that to guarantee the plurality that Navarre needed a digital media like ours. Her trajectory started in March 2014.

Over these 10 years we have experienced spectacular passages, some new ones, some new ones: the will of the citizens has pushed to the right of the Navarre institutions and we have seen the lehendakari abertzale for the first time in the government, and the mayor abertzale of Pamplona, the resurrection of the popular festivities, the creation of socio-community spaces and new meeting spaces, significant steps and initiatives in favor of the Basque people, the creation of the police force.

We hope we have achieved it and we want to celebrate it with all of you who have accompanied you in this fruitful journey, we have organized two acts:

The first, on 25 April, in Katakrak in Pamplona, we organised a round table with the members of the Transparency Association. Under the title “Police Spying on Social Movements and Mass Media Journalism”, Gemma García (La Directo), Pastora Filigrana (lawyer) and Ahoztar Zelaieta (journalist) are speaking under the direction of journalist Patxi Zamora. A lunch will be offered at the end of the round table.

And the second, on April 26, at the bar Akelarre de la Chantrea, anniversary party. We will have food, drink and music to dance and celebrate correctly the journey of We invite you!

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