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Goodbye walnut, goodbye!

  • Goodbye walnut, goodbye! He suddenly left the office of the Landaberri radio programme on 21 October. The doubt about the walnut (Juglans regia) has become a retolica of recent years. Initially, concern came almost exclusively from their places of origin, but in a few years it has been perfectly interned. It has not reached the driest parts of the Basque Country, and it will obviously not come, but I cannot say so clearly.
Argazkia: Jakoba Errekondo.

13 November 2023 - 06:19

In our wet lands, the walnut has no future. It is. He has done so himself. Never before has it been a tree that grew and lived with profusion. Beautiful specimens are known, such as the one living in Plaza de Garde next to the Gardalar Creek, with a waist of 1.3 meters, 17 m high and 30 x 25 m extension, declared Natural Monument in 1991. It is not a physical size, but it is a heritage size: Pedro Mari Otaño, a native of the farmhouse of this name of Zizurkil, placed the walnut of his portico with verses that contrasted with the Argentine currency. The funnel (Phytolacca dioica) is an important tree of those territories and its name in Guarani means “shadow”. The two trees perfectly form the two senses of the shadow, but here you will lose the nogales shortly because it will disappear. It may not disappear, but as before the chestnut (Castanea sativa) or the elm (Ulmus minor) and now the black pine (Pinus radiata) will soon live a few specimens. People next to the house like Otaño will have more chances: “The walnut has to listen to the house’s kidneys,” the phrase says. Not because the banks revitalize, in most cases, because the first stable was there, the house's solar is well paid and mostly dry. The walnut will be dragged by moisture. Moisture stimulates fungi and a thymic wound is enough to penetrate through it and put its wood on the putrefaction path. The main current causes are the movements of dry-clay lands, as the rinsing and swelling, drying and cracking break down their weak roots, as well as the serious wounds of the cairn and the attacks of the annoying final pest, of the whole Rhagoletis fly. The latter is being slaughtered. During summer it lays eggs when the nut grain grows, in the butter of its zokots and the worm that emerges from it causes a great slaughter to eat and eat, causing serious injuries. From these wounds, the fungus stimulated by moisture will be introduced.

The panorama is the black secretion in the back of the trunk, expression of wounded roots; the trunk inside, occluded, and the inseparable nut grains of the zocalo and without forming the flesh.

Just as our grandparents greeted chestnut, it is now up to us to say “goodbye walnut, goodbye!”. Chance, the two came on the same Roman boat of dry Mediterranean lands…

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