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“All indicators predict strategic failure for Israel”

  • For Deavid Hearst Hamas Israel is hitting hard, but strategically Israel is losing. He Middle East Eye is one of the creators of the media that deals with Middle East issues and the current editor-in-chief.

21 March 2024 - 12:23

“The loss of the defence of Western public opinion, the question of its genocial denunciation in the International Court of Justice, the breakdown of the Jewish consensus and the nervousness of those who hold Israel are elements that reflect Israel’s strategic failure.

Although the war is now in place, what Israel has paid for occupying Gaza is greater than it could imagine five months ago. However, it has not yet realised this. He will notice.”

Hearst makes a thorough analysis of the situation and has no doubt that Israel’s attack has hit Hamas’s operational force hard. But when he talks about the strategic failure of Israel, he has looked above all at the foreigner and concluded that this country is increasingly isolated in world public opinion, which is no longer seen as a stop in history, but as a high exponent of Jewish supremacism and white supremacism. It talks about Israeli soldiers firing their killings with complete impunity, and they believe that this is not important, but yes, that the world is watching.

It also shows many examples of this, including the disagreement of young Jews from the USA and the UK with regard to the attacks by Israel. Or what Chuck Schumer, the U.S. Senator and the leader of his Jews, said in March: “We were totally willing to accept the civilian victims of Gaza, but that has caused Israel’s global level of support to fall in a historic way. Israel cannot survive if it becomes a pariah.”

But look inside Israel once again abroad: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is finding it increasingly difficult to prolong the war, because many experts believe that it also falls. They say that war will have consequences for him, but there are those who believe that the four cases of corruption awaiting him in court can also lead him to jail.

In addition, the government has had significant problems in recent weeks with the great Israeli rabbi Yosef. He says that if the government calls Orthodox Jewish haredim students to military service, they would flee massively from Israel. Opposition leader Yair Lapid claims that the sum of these 66,000 students to the army would generate 105 new battalions needed for the army. This issue has brought with it a huge scandal in Israel, both in society and in government, because there are Jews who believe that these Tora waiters, the founding book of Judaism, should join the army and many should not.

These and other reasons are what Hearst points out in his article.

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