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80 people tasted the Wrong Bermeo

  • The collective Asteriskes, formed by the dissident identities of Montaña and surroundings of Álava, organized on December 28 the musical festival Bermu Oker. It was carried out in the town of Contrasta, located on the border between Álava and Navarra. As the organizers have explained, "There came rare animalitos nearby and distant, peripherals and passionate dancers."
Nuturk taldea Bermu Okerra jaialdian jotzen, Kontsastako ostatuan.

02 January 2024 - 13:01

Throughout the day, about 80 people went through the Contrasta Bar to taste food and drink, enjoy live music and chat with the public. They welcome the fact that by noon everything was prepared in the morning by the organizers who were running bafles and pots: "Just like pintxos and mug of beans were empty, the appetite and the desire to enjoy the attendees was satisfied."




Action by the Itzala group.




The members of the collective Asteriskes have announced that "they will continue to create safe and smooth spaces in our mountains and villages."

The concert was offered by the following musical groups: Nuturk, Las Klitorixxx, Galbaie and Itzala.




The Klitorixxx on the table.





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On December 28, Bermú Oker music festival organized by dissident identities at the bar of Contrasta
Asteriskes is a group formed by dissident identities of the mountain areas and surroundings of Álava has organized the Bermu Oker music festival for December 28. The festival will be held in the town of Contrasta, located on the border between Álava and Navarra.

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