The Government of Navarra works with a budget of EUR 6,355 million
  • On Wednesday, the Government of Navarra approved the draft general budget of Navarra for 2024: EUR 6,355 million. Of these, EUR 520 million will be allocated to financial expenditure (8.18 per cent). These are the highest budgets so far.
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Last year is 9.2% higher than the budget, and “this is not easy”, according to the Minister of Economy and Finance of the Government of Navarra, José Luis Arasti, especially “because the general context we live in is very changing”. Arasti stresses that the priority of the Foral Government is the social sphere, so 51.4% of the total expenditure will go to health, education and social rights.

The distribution of orderly budgets from lower to higher expenditure is detailed below.

Department of Health

EUR 1.465 million, 25.12% of the budget and almost 10% more than last year. Priority will be given to waiting lists, research, innovation and strategic investments.

Department of Economy and Finance

€1,011 million (15.9%). Of these, EUR 837 million go to the Convention with the State, the amount that Navarre pays for the competences that Madrid allocates, such as the Spanish Army and Police and the Civil Guard. As regards adjustments, it is expected that the money going to the Convention this year will be 702 million.

Department of Education

EUR 884 million, 15.2% of the budget and EUR 47 million more than last year (5.7%). Expenditure amounts to 555 million people and EUR 10.6 million will be allocated to improving the labour conventions of children's schools.

Department of Social Rights, Social Economy and Employment

EUR 647 million (11.10%), EUR 5.1 million more than last year. The dependency is the one that collects the most money, EUR 240 million, and the largest amounts will go to disability and mental illness.

Department of Territorial Cohesion

EUR 637 million (10.9% of the budget) and 8% more than last year. The government has stressed that they want to prioritise local work, reinforcing the eyes of the municipalities, for which they will have EUR 314.8 million. The Pyrenees Plan and the demographic challenge will also be at the forefront.

20.6 million will be allocated to the Belate and Almandoz tunnels to be launched this year, and Section 3 of the N-121-A will be continued. The railway line between Landaben and Arazuri-Orkoien, geared to the TAV and Volkswagen, will also be channelled, but the amount has not been determined. To support urban transport, EUR 17.9 million and EUR 2 million will be allocated to bicycle bidegorris (one last year).

Department of Interior, Civil Service and Justice

EUR 422 million (7.25% of the budget) and 10.5% more than last year. The Foral Police will be allocated EUR 88.55 million, 23.88% more than last year, and 5.9 million for the new fire park in Tafalla.

Department of Universities, Innovation and Digital Transformation

EUR 195 million (3.34%). Of these, 102 million will go to the Public University of Navarra and 3.6 million to university scholarships. 48 million are going to digital transformation.

The following departments receive smaller amounts. Digital Industrial and Business Green Transition: EUR 101 million (1.74 from the budget). Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism: EUR 92 million (1.58%). Presidency and Equality Department: EUR 31 million (0.53%). Department of Memory, Coexistence, Foreign Action and the Basque Country: EUR 23.7 million (0.21%).

The following entities are also funded from the general budget: the Parliament of Navarre (EUR 21 million), the Council of Navarre (EUR 484,560) and the Office against Good Practice and Corruption (875,022).

32.3 million will be disbursed for any other expenditure that may be generated. That is why the budgetary amendments were nullified during the parliamentary debate. In the last legislature, EH Bildu allowed the budgets to go ahead and said that for this year it is also in the same position.