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1,761 bulls at parties of Hego Euskal Herria

  • Animals Naturalis and CAS International investigate the spending of municipalities on bullring events during the patron saint festivities. Regarding data from Hego Euskal Herria, Peralta and Azpeitia stand out.
Argazkia: AnimaNaturalis CAS International

06 September 2023 - 08:44
Last updated: 2023-09-11 14:40:37

The animalist societies have carried out a thorough investigation of public money destined to 1,820 municipalities of the Spanish State for the acts of popular celebrations with bulls. They are data from 2019, but those responsible for the study assure that they are maintained each year approximately. At the state level, these types of events are financed with a minimum of 42 million euros, but those responsible for the research claim that the figure may be much higher, due to the “high opacity” in the accounts. Valencia is the community that has allocated the most money to bullfighting parties.

In Hego Euskal Herria, despite the bullfighting tradition that exists in Navarra, the research indicates that this type of party is organized by only 28% of the people, with a total of 1,591 events. Peralta is the municipality that earmarked the most money: EUR 107,301.

In the Basque Country, 18% of the villages organized such an event, it is one of the communities with the least events and money from the State. During the year investigated, a total of 170 events were organized, mainly in Bizkaia, followed by Gipuzkoa and at least in Álava. In the Basque Country, Azpeitia is the municipality that concentrates the most bullfighting festivities.

“Citizens have the right to know how much public money we spend on parties based on animal mistreatment,” they say.

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